The  Firm

     Lowe  Associates - Architects,  is engaged in a diversified practice offering professional services in architecture and land planning.
     The body of work illustrated in
this portfolio represents both public and private projects.    
     The firm was commissioned for such projects due to imaginative design concepts,  vivid graphic presentations, and  the ability to provide technical documents in a timely manner and within budget.  

Design Philosophy

A deep respect for the land and the environment is the basis of the firms holistic  design  philosophy :   

We believe that each site has a unique set of characteristics and features, as determined by it's geographic location,  geology, topography,  sun orientation,  views,  prevailing breezes,  vegetation,  etc.

Our approach to design begins only after a  thorough site analysis, which provides an understanding of the sites positive and negative attributes. 

We believe that architecture should be adaptive ;  the design should evolve in response to the natural features and characteristics of the site, adapting and adjusting to the land with minimal disturbance.

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